Hot Sale Varier Move Stool (Black)

Hot Sale Varier Move Stool (Black)

Varier Move Stool (Black)

Hot Sale Varier Move Stool (Black)

Hot Sale Varier Move Stool (Black)


  • Sales Rank: 892576 in Home
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Varier
  • Model: V360
  • Fabric type: 90% wool, 10% polyamide

  • The Varier Move stool is an ideal complement to sit-stand deks; keeping the pelvis tilted forward the Move Stool creates a healthy, open hip angle
  • Height adjustable gas lift, ranging from 22" - 32" seat height
  • Move Stool features real, sustainably harvested beech wood base
  • Varier Move is handcrafted and manufactured in Norway
  • The Move stool was created with active sitting in mind

Hot Sale Varier Move Stool (Black)

The Varier Move stool puts your body in control, it is the ultimate in active sitting. Of all the chairs in Varier's Active collection, the Move stool provides the most positive impact on your back and core muscles. Offering 360° of movement, the Move stool will certainly have a position for you. Whether you catching up on bills at the kitchen table or multi-tasking over breakfast, the Move stool allows your body to go wherever it feels it should be.

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