Hot Sale Empire Full Oval Extra Tall Colonnade

Hot Sale Empire Full Oval Extra Tall Colonnade

Empire Full Oval Extra Tall Colonnade

Hot Sale Empire Full Oval Extra Tall Colonnade

Hot Sale Empire Full Oval Extra Tall Colonnade


  • Brand: Wholesale Event Solutions

  • Wholesale Event Solutions

Hot Sale Empire Full Oval Extra Tall Colonnade

Includes: 6 84" Empire Columns (#884) 4 Colonnade Top/Base, Quarter Circle 8ft (#648) 1 Straight Colonnade Top or Base (#672) 1 Soft Curved Arch (#620) 4 Oval Colonnade Base 2 Left Oval Colonnade Base (#649) 2 Right Oval Colonnade Base (#650) 6 Multi-Purpose Light Bases (#220) 6 Empire Column Caps (#801): Rotationally molded from durable polyethylene to resist chips, scratches and cracks Immune to water, ice and snow for indoor-outdoor placement 6 month limited warranty Available in white. ivory, granite, millstone, sandstone, blackstone, and custom colors Made in the USAA large celebration a calls for bigger decorations. Our Empire full oval extra tall colonnade offers even more height than most other similar setups. Create the most exquisite setting to take pictures or showcase important parts of the event. Set up the cake, a photograph display or other key space within its spacious interior or leave it wide open so guests, the bridal party or other important people can walk and stand inside for photos, speeches and presentations.This unit includes many components, some of which can be used alone when a full oval isn't necessary. Your purchase features six 84" Empire columns, four quarter circles, one straight arch, one soft curved arch, four oval colonnade bases ( two for the left and two for the right), six multi-purpose light bases and six empire column caps. Each matching piece showcases the clic elegance of our Graeco-Roman products.Each item is made in the U.S.A. and offers a high level of durability and quality. These lightweight columns, arch and accessories made to last with crack and scratch resistant surfaces. When properly maintained, you can enjoy your colonnade set for many years and through many major celebrations.Make the embled decoration even more stunning by customizing it with your event colors or other embellishments. A few vibrant blossoms in a chain or ivy can be twisted around each straight column. Strands of lights or

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